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Colours and nautical theme in Wedding Invitations

Published : 2016-09-01 13:42:27

Marriage can be compared to sailing on a stormy sea. On the one hand struggle with the waves, that is, all kinds of problems and adversities that spouses face their common journey. On the other hand, the feeling that flows together and that all the hardships of this "inland" clears up together, supporting and helping each other. We invite you to read the examples of wedding invitations, which perfectly fit into the above idea of marriage.

Colours and nautical motifs

Even the colors invitations can recall the nautical associations. Just combination of white with blue, possibly with a touch of red, and already we have a typical marine wedding invitation. If this invitation to appear belts, no one will doubt what was the idea behind the bride and groom hand in choosing. Complementing the whole is also typical of a marine theme, or rose, rudder, or anchor. This motif can be found on the invitation in the form of printing, embossing or an additional element made, eg. Wood.

Seafaring and elegantly.

All those who appreciate the subtlety and elegance can dispense with nautical colors to a single theme, which although subtle will be a strong emphasis on the invitation to the wedding. We are talking about, for example, a wind rose on the upper part of the call. Elegance will add a call that is imprinted in gold. In conjunction with the text, which evokes a comparison of life to the stormy sea and elegant lettering, the call takes a unique expression. Finishing off the node is a sailor as a symbol of tying the knot.

Together at the helm with a lighthouse in the background

The day of the wedding, one crucial issue is changing - no longer stand alone at the helm of your life, but you control together, the two of us. Maybe that's why the rudder theme wedding invitations has become so popular. Delicate print inside the wooden rudder as the buckle fastening invitation card - the choice is the future bride and groom. Everything, of course, in typical marine colors, namely blue, white and red.

Referring to cope with the hardships of life together on the wedding invitations also appears lighthouse theme. Because it is the lighthouse allows seafarers after a long wojażach safely return home. Gold printing on dark blue cover, and to the three-dimensional lantern, which appears when you open invitation looks quite impressive. Emphasis on the maritime nature of the call is also using the string.

Invitation in the bottle

Maybe not to the end "in a bottle", but rolled up the invitation can evoke a letter that the survivors put into bottles and cast into the sea, hoping that someone finally find a message and save them. This form of invitation can be considered somewhat humorously and other invitations accompanied by information that the spouses "condemn" on being together. Unusual and very elegant invitation stamped a great choice when it comes to the form of informing guests about your wedding.

On our site you will find these and many other models of wedding invitations. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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