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Preparations for the wedding - where to start?

Published : 2016-09-01 12:29:56

So you really need to keep in mind one thing - not to lose our heads during the entire wedding fuss. To organize the perfect wedding in a year: this will allow you to take care of all the details, choose the most affordable offer and take care of all the preparations. This will prevent someone other stress and unnecessary surprises, thus protecting against sudden, often costly expenditure. Of course, a lot depends on factors pairs - some require several months to dopięcie everything to the last button, while others can in just half a year to organize the entire ceremony

The year before the wedding

Twelve months before the wedding is enough to choose and book a wedding hall, a photographer and a band or DJ. You should decide on what kind of wedding to decide (civil, ecclesiastical, humanistic), how many guests you want to invite and schedule a preliminary budget. In fact, since financial issues depend on your further actions. If you can afford it, it now can start to browse the offer travel agents to opt for the honeymoon (exotic countries often require additional visas and vaccinations).

Six months before the ceremony

At about this time the wholewedding adventure is starting! The bride must choose a dress, and the groom decide on a suit or tuxedo. Remember to book appointments at the hairdresser, beautician and make-up artists. However, many couples forget, that's when it's time to select the wedding invitations and decorative elements. In the case of the former should devote a few hours to select the pattern invitation, select the text of the notice and submit your order. It is worth paying attention to the fact that they are made from the highest quality materials and does not contain hidden costs in the form of additional fees for printing or envelope. By placing an order in the shop Invitations-World you are sure that you will get excellent and original wedding invitations at an affordable price. Wedding accessories are mainly items such as plates, guest books and boxes (both on the envelope, as well as biscuits and small gifts for guests). It is up to them to decide, as to catch the eye, contributing to climate wedding.

A month before the ceremony

Buys all the necessary additions (alcohol, drinks, ordering cakes and fruit) and confirms the final number of guests. You are welcome to bring wedding accessories and decorative elements to the hall, which is to take place party. This will have everything at your fingertips and in advance to prepare the room for the wedding. It is a time in which the determined day hen and stag in the shop you can buy fun gadgets (firing tube, decorative glasses and lanterns luck) that can be used in the course of the evening, thus introducing the wedding mood.

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