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Tips And Tricks To Print Wedding Invitations At Home

Published : 2016-10-26 09:30:14

You can surprise your guest by printing your own invitation card. Surprised? But it is true. If you know the ways to print wedding cards at home, you can do wonders. Start with picking a wedding style. You can talk to your spouse about the colour, design and theme of the card. Next step is to decide on the budget you want to work within.

Depending on the size of the card you want, the matter inside it, the embellishments on it, the quality of paper and much more, the price of each card will be determined. You should also not forget about the envelopes and the postage for RSVP cards.  

Time It Perfectly

Check with the calendar and time your job precisely as printing a card takes a much longer time than you thought.

Designing, assembling, printing, addressing and mailing takes a lot of time. Follow the thumb rule. If you think that you can finish the job in 2 weeks, keep a month in hand. To follow good etiquette of wedding, you must send your invitation six to eight weeks ahead of your wedding date so that your guests get at least a month’s time to reply. Also keep some additional stationery in hand in case of misprints and other errors.  

Choose Design Wisely

It is better to choose a design which is printer friendly. This will make your job easier and take much less time.

Choose a design which ‘bleeds’ and leaves no white margins. This will help in easy cutting and trimming and take less time. Also print the design at the centre of the paper so that while printing the edges of the design is not left out. Check the design several times on your computer and make amendments. Remember that different monitors have different colour resolutions, so to check the look of your card take few print outs and adjust the colour settings wherever required.

Ink And Paper

The paper you choose for your card can make your card look like amateur or professional. There are different types of paper having different thickness and feel. Select the one which suits your design, your printer and above all from which you can make multiple prints. It is on your quality of paper which will determine the type and quantity of ink you must use. But whatever colour ink you are using, remember not to use white colour. Lastly consider your envelopes as there are different types available. Choose whichever suits your card colour and design along with the embellishments. Print it, cut it, fold it and put it in the envelope, ready to mail.

If You Order

Still, if you think that you will order your invitation card to reputed wedding invitation printers London, you must make sure that you get the best card from the best suppliers. Do not feel shy to ask some questions to your suppliers to find their quality of service and reputation in the market.

It is good to book it from a professional so that you get it delivered in time and in perfect condition, just as you desired.

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