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When should we send out our wedding invitations?

Published : 2016-09-15 10:43:03

When to send out wedding invitations

The sheer volume of a lot of issues related to the organization of the wedding to remember, early enough to select, order and give the invitation. Although it seems that it is too early, better issue invitations to deal with already five months before the wedding. Why so early? Here is an explanation.

The difficult art of choice

Choosing the right wedding invitations is not a simple matter. Each of the intending spouses certainly has its own vision of how such an invitation should look like and will be looking for this, that this vision materialize. The message is simple, if the visions are like brides. Worse, if you still need before the wedding to begin to practice the difficult art of compromise, and that, unfortunately, continues. Directory browsing the bridal invitations may take a long time, and the investigation into another agreement. The case facilitates the ability to select the invitations by the website - this option significantly reduces the time to choose the right formula. When he finally came bride and groom come to an agreement both in terms of design and color of the invitation and the relevant text remains the only order the right amount of invitations through the website and you're done. But this is not the end ...

Handing whether to send?

The easiest way would be all the guests about your wedding notified by letter. Enough time to go to the post office and after an hour we would have "problem solved". Principles of savoir-vivre, however, require that the wedding invitations handed over personally. And here we may begin to stairs because arrange a meeting with hundreds of people, and sometimes even more is very difficult. While the longer we can establish a convenient appointment in which we can give our guests invitation, we must remember that such a meeting will not last five minutes. Invitations can not be "on the threshold", especially as the invited guests also bound by the rules of savoir-vivre. They are trying to adopt a dignified future bride and groom and accommodate them as best they can. When planning a visit to the family, relatives or friends should book themselves at every meeting at least half an hour.

Visitors from afar

In the event that the purpose of awarding the invitation we would have to overcome hundreds of kilometers, we can make a small deviation from the principles of savoir-vivre and send them by mail. The good taste is, however, more to inform sending an invitation by phone. At the time of this interview is your chance to exchange a few words with someone invites you and apologize for the fact that the call is not handed personally. On the other hand, maybe it is not worth so quickly give up the possibility of awarding a wedding invitation in the face. Departure for wedding invitations can be a great opportunity to visit family and friends, which is a long time not seen. So maybe it is worth considering whether actually shipping invitation is the only option available ..

The optimal time

It is said that the best term for the presentation of the shipping wedding invitations is a period from 3 months to 3 weeks before the wedding, though, and three weeks seem to be too short a period. Respecting time and plans of people who want to invite, do not wait until the "last minute". Especially when planning a wedding in the summer months, or in other special days in the year, such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, the May weekend should be early enough to inform family and friends about your wedding. In this way, everyone will have the opportunity to adjust their plans for the upcoming wedding and you will not have to recite coming only because it already for this time bought for himself a holiday. On the other hand, should not it too early to invite guests to your wedding. When the term is too distant to some of the wedding it happens just forget.

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